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Smartphone Repair Essential Training (Online)

In this self-paced online repair training course you’ll learn the essential knowledge of smartphone repairs. You are provided with a training toolkit and practise phone to work at home.

Upon successful completion, we will help you to get an internship in one of our 100+ partner shops across Australia.

Cost $1,800

* You can attend our 4-week on-site training for additional $3,000 to get hands-on training.

For Beginners

Course 1

This is a self-paced online repair course.

If you’re busy and wanted to know how to repair different kinds of smart devices, this course is well-suited for you.


1. Learning to Use Repair Tools & Devices

2. Structure of Phones / Tablets 

3. Issue Diagnosis & Parts Replacement

4. Plenty of Teardown Walkthrough

5. Work on the devices at home

Note that watching courses alone is not enough, the key is tons of practise.

You are strongly advised to get practise on more devices, or take the on-site training with us when the course is completed. 

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning smart device repair, or would like to start a career in the electronic repair industry.

By the end of the course you’ll gain the skills and confidence to work in the electronic repair industry.

The course is designed for absolute beginners with no prerequisits.

We are going to teach you all the essential knowledge and help you get started to work in this industry when the course is successfully completed.

This package includes:

1. 15 online training courses.

2. A home practise repair kit and a practice iPhone.

3, Lifetime support group

4. iMobile Store wholesale account

5. Job opportunity in one of our 100+ partner shops.


Smartphone Repair Online Course

  • Recorded videos unlimited review
  • Shared documents
  • Free home practise kit and practice phone
  • Lifetime support group

Get Started

It’s essential to have hands-on pratices and 1 on 1 instructions in our repair centre.

But you can get started first with our online courses. We will send you the tools and a phone so you can grasp the basic concepts at home. 

Course Consultation

Before you start, please contact our course consultant to discuss the details.

Mobile: 0423 646 788 (Sam)

Email: info@imobilegroup.com.au

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