Smartphone Micro-soldering & Advanced Repair Course (on-site)



This training is crafted for experienced technicians to gain important motherboard level repair skills.

It’s a 4-week intensive training course held in our Melbourne repair centre.

Our expert technicians will take you by the hand and teach you the best practices on micro-soldering.

By the end of the course, you will master this essential board level repair skill and be able to tackle 99% of the most difficult smart device repair jobs.

Overview of this micro-soldering and advanced repair course:

1. Introduction to board level diagnostic / repair tools

2. Solder resistors and jumper wires

3. Logicboard diagram software

4. Disgnose common issues

5. Reballing

6. IC soldering

7. Horne basic micro-soldering technique

8. Dual-layered motherboard

9. CPU

10. Hard disk

11. Baseband Module

12. Wifi Module

13. Face ID

14. Practise on faulty devices


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