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Intensive training by the best in the industry. Gain essential electronic knowledge, sharpen repair skills and expose to real business environment.

Phone Repair Essentials (Online)

In this self-paced online repair training course you’ll learn the essential knowledge of smartphone repairs. 

You are provided with a training toolkit and practise phone to work at home.

* You can attend our 4-week on-site training for additional $3,000 to get hands-on training.

Cost $1,800

Smartphone Repair Essentials (On-site)

This 4-week on-site training course will bootstrap your way into the smartphone repair industry.

You’ll learn the essential knowledge of smartphone repairs.

Upon successful completion, we will help you to get an internship in one of our 100+ partner shops across Australia.

Cost $4,800


Micro-soldering and Advanced Repair

This 4-week on-site training is suitable for experienced technicians with at least 6 month repair experience.

After this course, you will be able to tackle 99% of motherboard issues on smart device.

Cost $7,800


Why Us?

Experts In Every Subject

Maximum hands-on practices

You can watch everything on Youtube, but like playing tennis, repair skill has to be gain through practising. Train at our repair centre, you get the exposure to a range of issues you won’t get anywhere else. Training with us is like training in a man-made surfing pool, the efficiency is dramatically better.

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What we offer

Practical Content

We shorten microsodering time from few months to 2 weeks. Time is critical to businesses, so we craft our course with the 80/20 rule to be laser-focused on those most important skills, and provide a knowledge framework for you to work with after the course.

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Hands-on Training

Electronic repair skill requires tons of practices. The intellectual know-how has little value without repetition and muscle memory. We ensure you finish the course with high level of mastery.

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Job Oppotunities

Our have 100+ partner repair shops crying out for experienced technicians. There’s a hugh demand for repair skill in this industry. Upon successful completion of the courses, we will connect you directly to the jobs or help you set up your own business.

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since 2004

iMobile Group has the best electronic repair centre in Australia. We provide repair services to phone shops across Australia and offer repair trainings to technicians for the industry.

We aim to improve the skills for repair businesses so retail customers will have more confidence in this industry.

Learning from Electronic Repair Expert

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Enrol today and be a lifetime member in our Advance Repair Support Group, all repair questions will be discussed and answered here.

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